ZertifizierungJERSA GmbH - garlic import and storage is a company in Germany, dedicated since 1986 to the import, the storage, the distribution and the sale of garlic and vegetable-onions. Under the name OSVI we have created a brand with internationally known prestige. With an own cultivation of annual approximately 400 - 600 ah of our Spanish partner-company Jesus Requena S.A. exists our main business from Spanish garlic. The main aim of our company is the assured quality of all produce that leaves our premises.

JERSA Ltd. is constantly checking the garlic to obtain the optimum level of quality from the seed selection, throughout the growing life, to harvesting, grading and the finished quality assured product. Since we have this product in our hands entirely, we can guarantee the best possible quality. Simultaneously we can adapt ourselves to the market demand and consequently the customer pretensions just becomes, in that we transact direct imports from France, Argentina, Egypt, China and possibly Chile and Mexico.

ZertifikatAlso big dealers in Spanish vegetable onions and French scallions profit from our "Know how". A selected group of onion producers guarantees a maximum at quality and experience. Since 2004 we are regularly certificated on IFS and Bio (D-NW-005-03833-C). This confirms the certification of our suppliers (Globel Gap, IFS, BRC).All our rankings where on the highest lewel.

Because of our 25th anniversary in July 2011, we have the 2nd generation as co-partner in our team. We also have employees for 20 Years. On this place I thank all our customers, employees und partners in Spain and on the whole world.

Jörg Sturmberg