The secret of the cloves of garlic - why different materials are effective from the culture-plant against heart attacks - Allicin as crucial substance recognized

Zurich - we remembers the fish , whom we ate in Egypt for nothing, the cucumbers, the melons, the onions and the garlic , the children of Israel complained on her/its/their march through the desert according to the Bible with Moses (4.Book Moses, 22,5) . Garlic was already inalienable component of the groomed kitchen then. However the old culture-plant was more than only one herb. Because it could heal, it were regarded as sacred. Doctors prescribed their patient garlic against typhi, cholera, dysentery, Diphterie and tuberculosis, with indigestions, indigestions, hemorrhoids and skin-ailments. The biochemical bases for this effect have found out scientists in the last years.

So substances make difficult not only bacteria the survival in the plant, they also suppress the increase with fungi and viruses. The active substances hinder the body-own cholesterol-production: The bad LDL-Cholesterin especially becomes (Low density lipoprotein), that settlements at and in the arterial-walls favors, dammed. Garlic also pulls against so-called radical into the field, aggressive oxygen-connections, who contributes to the arteriosclerosis, weds and the genotype of the cells attacks. With it, it lowers the cancer-risk, how a Chinese study covers. Materials in the garlic reduce Fibrinogen, a protein-component, that plays a role with the blood-coagulation, in addition and thromboses can favor. As well they prevent blood-little tiles from it, to conglomerate and to form a Thrombus. Finally relaxes and widens the substances the vessels. The blood pressure sinks through it.

At the origin of the healing strengths of the nature-remedy, Alliins and the enzyme suit Alliinase. The two Stofes rest - of each other separated - in the cells of the fresh garlic. The name goes back to the Latin name of the lily-plant, Allium sativum. First if one squashes a clove of garlic, the substances come in touch and respond together. Allicin, a colorless, greasy liquid with the aromatic-spicy smell of fresh garlic, originates from it.
If Allicin is heated in fat, numerous conversion-products, under it so-called Ajoene and pleasantly smelling sulphur-connections, occur. Ethereal oils originate in hot water. The substance fights Krankheitsereger like antibiotics similarly. The conversion-products of the Allicins effect the blood. The sulphur-connections and the Ajoene fight cancer-cells, weds radicals and fungi.

The pharmaceutical research concentrates on the effect of the garlic on blood-fats above all else presently, high blood pressure and Arteiosklerose - most important causes for heart attacks, hit-attacks and arterial shutter-illnesses. After an analysis of 25 clinical studies, Professor Andrew Neil of the Oxford has calculated university: A regular taking of garlic lowers the total-cholesterol in the blood about 10 and the blood pressure about 8 percent. Neil diverts a cut of the stroke-risk up to 40 percent from it from. The likelihood of a heart attack should be reduced about 25 percent.

The aorta of long-time garlic-friends is essentially more elastic than those from opponents of the plant, says Professor Gustav Georg Belz, cardiologist at the university-clinic  Mainz. Already after three-month garlic-therapy the walking of patients extends itself with arterial-shutters significantly, Professor Holger Kiesewetter of the Berlin university-clinic reports Charite.

Source: Die Welt