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In Castilia, the best stinker grows - gourmets loves Spain's garlic

The garlic is called Ajo in Spain, one since 3000 years in many kitchens valued ingredient, that its way from the Kirgisistan, Near east and Egypt after easts -, south - and Central Europe found. Above all else in the pots and pans around the Mediterranean  the leek-type abused often as stinker gives aroma ribald like fine makings on refined type. Famous in whole Spain is that the Castilian garlic-soup sopa de ajo or the Basque zurrukutuna for example, a type stick-fish-ragout in garlic-bread-sauce. As delicacy would covet among connoisseurs is also valid young garlic (ajos tiernos) or garlic-rungs (bread's de ajo) that is in these parts less known.

In Spain, garlic becomes provinces in the big style in the andalus.Cordoba and Granada, above all else however in the castilian provinces Albacete and Cuenca grown. In more final lies - approximately 150 km east from Madrid - the place read Pedroneras, that calls itself capital of the garlic. The fields, over which hovers to the harvest a breathtaking odor-cloud, stretch up to the horizon. However that are for pulled tubers here also their big durability with gourmets as well as because of their especially fine taste (the garlic hardly loses weight when drying) because of as the best, which the Stinkemarkt has to offer. Still there is no question, that every year between 31.8. and 8.9. in Las Pedroneras the Fiesta Del Ajo, a big garlic-party take place.

The stinker tastes good well not only however but is also extraordinarily healthy on top of everything. Garlic contains vitamin C, phosphorus, irons and ethereal oils. In the whole Mediterranean-area, it becomes praised because of its anti-inflammatory qualities with stomach - and intestine-illnesses as well as as nature-remedies against hypertension, high cholesterol-mirrors and to the prevention against arteriosclerosis.