2 liters of water - 10 OSVI cloves of garlic - 1 teaspoons of mustard - 1 eggs - 10cl oils - 150 grs soup-noodles or toasted bread.

In a saucepan, the 2 liters of water are brought to cooking - crushed garlic and the protein encloses - salt, peppers and stirs well - 3 min with middle heat leaves cook. With the yolk, peppers, salt and mustard prepare a mayonnaise. These with a creator of tepid broth dilute and carefully into the soup give and serve. If you liked to serve also soup-noodles, you must give it before the mayonnaise into the soup and leaves cook, or also give toasted bread shortly before serving.

Chickens fondue

For 6 persons: 6 chicken-scraps - 2 yolks - 2 cups of breadcrumbs - 250 gr. butter - 5 OSVI cloves of garlic - some parsley - peppers - 1 l peanut-oil

Scraps in approximately 2 cm long cube cut. Dip these meat-dice into the beaten yolk, then into the Breadcrumbs, now. The oil in a pan strongly heats and puts the pan on a heat-plate then. The meat-scraps on fondue and with a fork dive into the oil. Approximately 2 min leaves cook, so that they become brown beautifully. Serve with selfmade garlic-butter.

Sauce Aioli

For 6 - 8 persons: 6 OSVI cloves of garlic - 2 yolks - salt, peppers - 4dl olive-oils - some lemon-

The garlic peels and crushes. To give up yolk, salt and peppers, and the olive-oil slowly and regularly, in order to give the sauce volumes, in-stirs (like with a mayonnaise) - some lemon-juice on it distributes. This sauce can with fish-courts or cold meat (calf, cow, chickens) is served. The sauce can also be enjoyed as court for itself however. Cook potatoes, green beans, red turnips like you it likes - or eggs, mussels. Present the total with tomatoes and serve the Aioli sauce in a sauciere.